Euphoric, Energizing, Sexual Wellness

This 1:2 plant to alcohol ratio is particularly potent and contains 5 different herbs that have been widely studied for their impacts on libido, sexual wellness, hormone balancing, energy and more. This tincture includes damiana, sarsaparilla, ginseng, maca, cacao and hibiscus

Origin: Subtropical Climates, Texas, South/Central America, Mexico, Carribbean
Benefits: Aphrodisiac, Mental & Physical Stamina
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Origin: South America, Asia, West Indies, Carribbean, Mexico
Benefits: Sex Drive, Inflammation, Cancer, Immunity
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American Ginseng
Origin: Eastern North America
Benefits: Energy, Cognitive Function, Inflammation,
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Origin: Peru
Benefits: Libido, Male Fertility, Hormones, Mood, Energy
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Origin: Mexico
Benefits: Brain Function, Mood, Depression, Immunity
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Hibiscus Flower
Origin: Asia, Pacific Islands
Benefits: Heart Health, Antioxidant, Hormone Balancing
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