Apothecary was born as a means to bring awareness to the movement of conscious drinking. It’s our hope that, through the art of craft cocktails, we can help bring together those that don’t drink and those that do, provide options for those that are looking to cut back on their drinking or serve any number of people that, on any given weekend, are choosing to drink less.

Our wide selection of spirit-free cocktails bring fun, aesthetic options to our customers, featuring 0-proof liquors by companies like Lyre’s and Ritual.

We also serve Kava, Kratom, Kombucha, CBD Seltzer, and Nitro Cold Brew.

Eventually, we hope to integrate our wellness tinctures and create a menu of herbal concoctions, showing the community that opting of alcohol can be both enjoyable and functional.

We appreciate your support and look forward to having you in!